Buying a Pharmacy

Buying a Pharmacy

by Brad MacLiver, Authorship & Profile at Google is a national company that handles the valuation, negotiation, and transfer of ownership of pharmacies. We start the process with targeted acquisition searches based on a buyer’s parameters. This allows us to provide the buyer with real prospects that meet their requirements. The targeted acquisition process can be an expensive and laborious process and our targeted acquisition service is provided to qualified buyers with no cost or obligation. This reduces the buyer’s cost of acquisition.

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As a national company we have pharmacies available in many locations. We also perform a no cost no obligation acquisition search for qualified buyers when the buyer’s parameters don’t match the inventory of locations we currently have Listed. Acquisition searches we conduct are targeted and specific to the buyer. We do the leg work at no expense to the buyer. This process allows the buyer to spend time with real prospects reducing the cost of acquisition. All buyer information is kept confidential.

Due to confidentiality agreements with the sellers, we only present their information to a qualified buyer. Sellers do not want their competition, or their employees to know they are considering selling. This is the same respect we would provide you if you were considering selling a pharmacy. takes steps to provide both the seller and the buyer a professional and confidential transaction.

When the purchase of a drug store requires financing to complete the transaction we have sources for pharmacy funding available. Funding programs include both SBA, non SBA type of business loans. Loans can be structured for individual locations, or small/regional chains. Financing is available for business acquisition, real estate, or partner buyout. Our Small Chain Funding Program provides capital when a small pharmacy chain needs financing for expansion. Funding up to $100 Million is available for small pharmacy chains. specializes in pharmacy business valuations, manage the mergers and acquisitions of local and regional pharmacies, and work with lenders who understand the dynamics of financing a pharmacy. We work exclusively in pharmacy and our team is committed and dedicated to assisting pharmacy owners.

Experience plays a major role in understanding the current market conditions of the pharmacy industry, valuing pharmacies realistically, and having the ability to provide expert guidance throughout an acquisition or financing process. Many years of successful experience places at the top of all companies who value and manage pharmacy transactions.

Experience That Benefits Your Company

When you work with, you can feel confident the management of your pharmacy acquisition/financing will be handled by a professional firm. We have an excellent reputation and are respected by both pharmacy owners and lenders due to the way we manage transactions. We are here to assist you and we look forward to proving the integrity and professionalism of

Policies for Buying a Pharmacy

1. The pharmacy acquisition process is lengthy and involved. Therefore, both buyer and seller must understand the process, be cooperative in providing documentation, and respond in a timely manner.

2. manages pharmacy acquisitions. We only provide information regarding pharmacy that matches the specific parameters of a Buyer who can actually close the deal. We do not provide lists.

3. In mergers and acquisitions it is important to understand confidentiality, and how perceived changes may affect employees and customers. is a professional company who respects the Seller’s concerns. Therefore, we only work with qualified Buyers and do not provide the Seller’s information in classified ads, postings on the Internet, or to individuals or companies who are not serious about buying or expanding their business

4. Prospective Buyers requesting to perform targeted acquisition searches, will either need to provide documentation for the ability to finance the transaction, or show proof of ability to complete a cash transaction.

5. When the Buyer needs assistance in the financing process can provide business plan development, and presentation to funding sources. Financing is available by lenders who understand pharmacy. Both SBA loans and conventional financing is available.

6. Lenders providing pharmacy finance require the loan to be based on the strength of the pharmacy and its management team. Requested financing that involves businesses or other assets outside of the specific pharmacy will need to obtain financing through lenders other than those who specialize in pharmacy. We can also assist with these non-pharmacy loans.

The Acquisition Process

1. A Qualified Buyer requests confidential services in finding an appropriate pharmacy in a designated area to purchase stores.

2. We use our talents and resources to conduct an acquisition search, which will lead to matching the buyer with an appropriate seller.

3. Initial interviews and collecting basic information will determine if the location meets the buyer’s criteria.

4. A price range is provided to the seller to determine if it meets the seller’s expectations.

5. collects comprehensive data to determine a current market acquisition value.

6. The buyer is provided an Executive Summary to allow them an opportunity to determine if the location and aspects of the business will compliment the buyer’s goals.

7. Buyer completes their due diligence.

8. assists in all negotiations, and document preparation.

9. A Purchase Agreement will be signed stating the agreed upon terms of the sale price, employment contracts, non-compete clauses, etc.

10. ensures all merger and acquisition procedures are accurately completed and is on site for the closing.

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