What is My Pharmacy Worth?

When a pharmacy owner is considering selling their drug store it can be a challenge. Do they use a business broker? Do they contact the national pharmacy chains? Who will help them get the best purchase price? What is the pharmacy worth?

There are of course many fine business brokers who have lots of experience in selling all types of businesses, but have they ever sold a pharmacy? To get the best value don’t they need years of contacts so they can present to more legitimate buyers? Are there brokers and consultants that have pharmacy industry expertise? Yes – PharmacyValuations.com.

What is the right price for your pharmacy? What is a drug store really worth after the cuts in reimbursements and increased regulations? A quick way to determine a general price range is to complete the PharmacyValuation.com web form.

This is a starting place and of course every business can have a uniqueness that sets it apart from the others. Geographic locations, population density, leased or owned location, and many factors will come into play when a buyer makes an offer to purchase a pharmacy. A very important factor is who will pay the most to buy your family owned community pharmacy? Knowing who is buying and the parameters they are looking for is extremely important. The true value of anything is only what somebody will pay for it. If a broker, or a business owner, doesn’t have any buyer contacts in the pharmacy industry, will the transaction be presented to the best potentials who can offer the highest price?

There are many methods and formulas for valuing a drug store. They are generally based on “standard normalized historical” conditions. When there are cuts in reimbursements and new government regulations driving cost and reducing profits will the standard formulas work? The industry is changing and the best decisions will made when based on what is currently happening in the market. So where should a pharmacy owner go to get quality and informative information to base a decision on? PharmacyValuations.com provides free pharmacy valuations and is more than willing to discuss any situation with the seller, or a buyer, of a U.S. drug store. The store can be in a retail or a closed door location. The pharmacy can provide compounding, mail order services, be a fulfillment center, or be located in a hospital or grocery store. There is no cost or obligation to talk, brainstorm, and discuss the multiple options.

As a pharmacy owner we know you strive to provide excellent service to your customers. You can expect the same from us. PharmacyValuations.com is here to assist you, so contact us today.

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