Pharmacy Finance

Pharmacy Business Loans can assist your goals. Whether expansion, retirement, or restructuring debt acquiring the right pharmacy business loans may be the answer you are seeking.


Are you ready to retire? Are you looking for an exit strategy? Do you have a partner, an employee, or family member wanting to buy your business?

Pharmacy financing for partner buy-outs, partner buy-ins, or individual pharmacy acquisitions can be obtained through lending specialists that understand the dynamics of pharmacy. Unless they regularly lend to pharmacies your local banks are not typically the best financing option for a pharmacy.


Have you considered buying several pharmacies in your area to develop your own small or regional pharmacy chain?

You may be aware of the economies of scale in purchasing, marketing, computer systems, and management when a number of pharmacies are combined into a single company. Are you aware there is financing available that would allow you to purchase a number of pharmacies in your geographic region? Would developing a small pharmacy chain be a profitable strategy for you?


Do you already have pharmacy business loans or high interest rate lines of credit? Did you know there are very attractive financial solutions for pharmacy owners?

A retail pharmacy owner was able to cut their business debt service by $8,000/month when they refinanced their pharmacy business debt. The new loan also provided the pharmacy owner with $100,000 in working capital allowing cash to be used as a negotiating tool with the wholesaler. Better wholesale pricing resulted in larger gross margins and better net profits. This financing package provided capital to combat the declining profit ratios of this pharmacy. Could this type of financing also assist your profitability? assists pharmacy owners who are just like you. We provide pharmacy valuations, financing, and acquisition services nationwide. There are no costs, or obligations, associated with our initial consultations and analysis of your pharmacy. Working exclusively in the pharmacy industry provides in-depth knowledge that you can utilize for your benefit.

Contact Us when you have questions about buying, selling or financing a pharmacy.


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Pharmacy Business Loans is a source for pharmacy business loans. As a conduit to a number of Lenders that understand the current dynamics of the pharmacy industry, we able to assist pharmacy owners with all of their pharmacy finance needs. When...

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