Pharmacy Kiosks

Building mini-pharmacies and pharmacy kiosks will be a new trend in the retail pharmacy industry.

For as long as pharmacies have been around, consumers have been accustomed to receiving their prescriptions from a pharmacist, behind a counter, in a retail store that also sells other items. However, many community independent pharmacies have been bought or closed. A number of the large chain pharmacies have consolidated and are closing some of their un-needed locations.

With retail giant Amazon entering the pharmacy market, consumers perceptions of receiving their medications will change. Amazon, and some other pharmacy companies, are targeting delivery of the prescriptions to where the customer will be at a later, rx, valuations, building

Times are Changing

Although delivery times will be a driving factor in sales for some business models, there are still customers who want, or need, their prescriptions now. If the traditional customer relationship with a pharmacy is changing – this indicates there is an opportunity for a different type of pharmacy to emerge.

Why Kiosks

People are familiar with kiosks. They are vendor carts in store malls and 3-sided structures on busy city sidewalks selling magazines and newspapers. Inside retail locations, a kiosk may be a digital component that provides information about products, or something like a blood pressure kiosk that interacts with the customer. And – with today’s technology a pharmacy can also be a kiosk.

Kiosk or mini-pharmacies can be built that provide location convenience to the customer. Kiosks are also locations where the customer who needs or wants a prescription “filled now” can still be satisfied. No waiting for delivery.

Since, nationwide, a majority of prescriptions are actually written for a limited number of medications, a kiosk does not need to stock every medication known. Kiosks, or mini-pharmacies, should know their community and maintain an inventory for that market, but not try and be all things to all people.

Healthcare demands will continue to increase. Consumers are comfortable shopping and paying online. Thus, the success Amazon has seen. Consumers adapt. Technology and innovation will be profit drivers.

A mini-pharmacy, or pharmacy kiosk, that is licensed by the Board of Pharmacy and meets all regulatory benchmarks, can be built within a very small footprint. Lower overhead and reduced labor costs can provide additional profits to the kiosk pharmacy owner.

When you want to discuss building pharmacy kiosks or mini-pharmacies we are here to assist you. Contact us today and let us know how we can assist your company expand.