Mail-Order Pharmacy

One result of COVID-19 is that all market segments have seen a dramatic increase in online sales. People have learned to order their prescriptions via Internet instead of walking into their local neighborhood drug store. Mail-order pharmacy is experiencing an increase and the trend is expected to continue.

During the past few year, operating a mail-order pharmacy has become more regulated. PBMs have tightened their controls on shipping prescriptions, so every mail-order pharmacy must jump through more hoops if the pharmacy expects to expand their market share.

VIPPS, which is now known as Digital Pharmacy Accreditation, is a process of officially recognizing that a pharmacy complies with state and federal laws regarding Internet marketing and sales. Accreditation has become necessary for a pharmacy that is shipping or wants to provide mail-order prescriptions.

As the pharmacy industry has experienced cuts in reimbursements and lower net profits, one strategy to increase profits is to provide a mail-order service to reach more customers. However, to do that you need to be licensed in other states and have an accreditation such as VIPPS (Digital Pharmacy Accreditation).

We have contacted by a number of qualified buyers seeking mail-order pharmacies with multiple state licenses. If you are a pharmacy owner shipping to multiple states there are selling opportunities for you, and most of these buyers are willing to keep you too, if you want to work full or part time.

To learn more about any mail-order pharmacy opportunities, or to request an acquisition search specific to your buyer parameters please Contact Us.