Policies for Buying a Pharmacy

The pharmacy acquisition process is lengthy and involved. Therefore, both pharmacy buyer and seller must understand the process, be cooperative in providing documentation, and respond in a timely manner during the process of buying a pharmacy. The policies for buying a pharmacy are meant to create a path of success for both the buyer and the seller.

After an interested buyer has contact us, they will be provided:

  • Buyer Questionnaire – for detailing the buyer’s parameters of geographic locations, sales volume, etc.
  • Confidentiality Agreement.
  • Proof of Funds or documentation showing the ability to finance the transaction. Whether you are buying a car or a business, a buyer who does not have the financial ability to close a deal is not a qualified buyer. The financial ability to close the transaction is a major concern for sellers and thus part of the policies for buying a pharmacy.


When the pharmacy buyer needs assistance in the financing process PharmacyValuations.com has the expertise to provide business plan development, compile pharmacy funding documents, and presentation to funding sources. Business finance is available by lenders and finance companies who understand pharmacy. Both SBA loans and conventional financing are available, along with cash flow financing, business notes, equipment leasing, sale lease back, and other forms of alternative lending.

Information Provided

PharmacyValuations.com manages the entire pharmacy acquisition process. Therefore, we only provide information regarding any specific drug store, when that store matches the specific parameters of a qualified Buyer. We do not provide lists of pharmacies for sale. Due to confidentiality agreements with the sellers, we only present their information to a qualified buyer. Sellers do not want their customers, competition, or their employees, to know they are considering selling. This is the same respect we would provide you if you were the seller. PharmacyValuations.com takes steps to provide both the seller and the buyer a professional and confidential transaction.

Buyer’s Team

We understand that companies buying either regional pharmacies, or community drug stores, have an acquisition team, or at least a person assigned the tasks of acquisitions. The team at PharmacyValuations.com works diligently with buyers to save the buyer time and money in the acquisition process. It is our goal to provide a smooth and efficient acquisition. This allows the buyer to quickly stage the new acquisition for generating profits. Accomplishing this — we of course would appreciate the opportunity to provide the buyer with more pharmacies to purchase.

Learn more about our policies for buying a pharmacy or to brainstorm growth strategies for your business. Contact Us today!